We have added this page to our site so hopefully our clients can get an idea of what we are charging. Please note that these prices may be different depending on your jewelry options htat you choose or because of price increases from manufactures. We will continue to try updating this list as often as we can to keep it as accurate as possible.

The first chart is to give you an idea of how much a piercing will cost with basic titanium jewelry. The prices on this chart include titanium starter jewelry.  We have included the price for aftercare we recommend to take care of your piercing properly.

The second chart is for piercings done with popular NeoMetal jewelry options and also includes the aftercare we recommend for taking care of your piercing properly.

Even though we put this chart up we highly recommend coming to the studio to see what pieces we have in stock and some of the other options that are available.

Notice: Pricing is subject to change without notice due to market place pricing,

these charts are not to be considered the final price.

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