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Before You Come In



No Appointment Necessary (Except from November through Feburary, we are appointment only).  We do all piercing and jewelry insertion services on a walk-in basis. For all walk-in services, we ask anyone who wants to be pierced to be in at least a half hour prior to closing. We can get pretty busy, so please be patient. We will let you know if there will be a wait. We do our best to make sure everyone is taken care of in a timely, professional manner, and that everyone has their questions answered thoroughly. Sometimes this requires everyones patience, we will get to you, may take us a moment but we will, promise.

Bring Valid ID

We require clients have proper identification every visit—even if you’ve shown it on a previous trip. For more information about our ID policies, including what forms are acceptable, please visit ID Info and Policies.

Eat First

We request that all clients have eaten a meal within four hours prior to any service—even inserting jewelry or stretching a piercing—as this lessens the risk of becoming nauseous or faint. If you haven’t eaten before coming in to get pierced, we will probably send you out to get food. It helps. Really.

Arrive Sober

We require all clients be sober and drug-free for any piercing. We will not offer any of our services to anyone impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Be Flexible

Not all piercings work for all people. If we tell you that the piercing or procedure you’re asking for won’t work for you, please understand we are trying to ensure you leave the studio with a healthy piercing with a good chance of healing. We don’t like to turn away clients, but we will decline to do a piercing we feel strongly has little chance of long-term success.

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