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Common Answers to Frequent Qestions

Does it hurt?

All piercings hurt. Although some hurt more than others and everyone has a different pain threshold. Your experienced piercer will do everything they can to make sure the piercing is as painless as possible.

Hints to make it hurt less:

-Stay calm, relaxed and breath/  Tensing up and acting out only make the experience more stressful for you.

-Listen to your piercer.  Your piercer is going to tell you what they are doing and give you instructions. By listening youll know what to expect and will be able to stay in tune with the proceedure.

-Eat. Eating a decent meal before getting a piercing can help.

How long is it going to take?

We try to make your wait as short as possible to get into the booth. Wait times can fluctuate. The piercing itself is quick, typically a deep breath in and a good solid exhale and your pierced!

Do you pierce minors?

We pierce minors 14 and older. Some piercings are not available for minors due to the nature of the piercing. Please refer to the Got Identification section.

How much does it cost to get ____ pierced?

Piercing prices are determined by what you want to get pierced and the jewelry you would like to get pierced with.
We highly recommend coming by the studio and seeing what we have.

FAQ and Studio Policies: FAQ
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