H2Ocean Piercing Spray

Absolutely an amazing product for aftercare for when you are on the go wether its work, school, travel, or just being a little lazy H2Ocean aftercare spray makes taking care of your piercing simple and easy.

Three simple steps

1) Spray a couple clean cotton swabs

2) Apply to piercing until debris around piercing is soft enough for removal

3) Use a clean cotton swabs to wipe away any excess debris and H2Ocean Spray


We highly recommend using the H2Ocean Spray for "quick" cleans and combining it with H2Ocean Healing Soak. The Healing soak is a hassle free way to make copious amounts of saline without all the measuring. Click here for more information 



H2Ocean Piercing Spray

  • The 1.5oz H2Ocean Spray is small, very small, spend the extra $5 and you get over twice the amount of product. We only recommend the 1.5oz for those who are flying, please check with your airline to ensure it meets their requirements.

    How long this product last is competely up to how you use it and how often. For the best longevity place the cotton swabs right against the nozzle and gently spray them until they are saturated.