H2Ocean Healing Soak

Hands down our piercers favorite aftercare product. H2Ocean Healing Soak allows you to mix up a gallon of saline in a flash. No measuring messy salt that took you forever to find at the grocery store. No questions like "Is this the right stuff?" H2Ocean Healing Soak is the go to product for doing soaks at home.


Simple Instructions:

1) Mix 1 4oz Healing soak to 1 Gallon distilled water

2) Pour off some saline after insuring the solution is mixed, into a small spray bottle.

3) Spray piercing thoughly to get any debris soft

4) Off any debris then spray again to irigate the piercing.

5) Wipe away any excess saline.


We highly recommend using the H2Ocean Healing Soak for "Long Soaks" and combining it with H2Ocean Spray. The Healing soak is a hassle free way to make copious amounts of saline without all the measuring. The H2Ocean Spray is already mixed up in a convient on the go spray bottle. Click here for more information 


This product is intended to be diluted with 1 Gallon of distilled water. DO NOT use this product without diluting it.

H2Ocean Healing Soak